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CIBIL Terms & Conditions 

I acknowledge and consent to the following terms regarding my application to obtain my Credit Information provided by TransUnion CIBIL Limited ("Product") by submitting a request form ("Product Request") through Chinmay Finlease Limited:


1. The Chinmay Finlease Limited is my officially appointed representative and has agreed to serve for various purposes. These may encompass, among others, receiving the Product from TransUnion CIBIL Limited on my behalf and using it in accordance with Chinmay Finlease Limiteds prescribed usage policy ("End Use Policy") or our agreed-upon terms ("Terms of Understanding"), whichever is relevant. The Chinmay Finlease Limited has been permitted to be assigned to the previously mentioned function.


2. I fully authorise Chinmay Finlease Limited to accept the Product on my behalf from TransUnion CIBIL Limited and to use it following Chinmay Finlease Limited’s End Use Policy or our agreed Terms of Understanding, whichever applies. The Chinmay Finlease Limited has also been approved to be appointed for the purpose above. I thus affirm and declare that: 

(a) I have carefully read and comprehended the terms and conditions of Chinmay Finlease Limited’s End usage Policy or 

(b) Chinmay Finlease Limited and I have agreed upon the Terms of Understanding pertaining to the usage of the Product.


3. I allow TransUnion CIBIL to forward the Product to Chinmay Finlease Limited, acting on my behalf and grant TransUnion CIBIL my complete permission.

4. I also agree to absolve TransUnion CIBIL of any responsibility for any kind of loss, claim, liability, or damage that may emerge from, relate to, or be in any way associated with:

(a) the Product's delivery to the Chinmay Finlease Limited; 

(b) the Chinmay Finlease Limited’s use, modification, or disclosure of the Product's contents, in whole or in part, whether or not authorised; 

(c) any breach of privacy or confidentiality stemming from Chinmay Finlease Limited’s acquisition of the Product and;

(d) any instance where Chinmay Finlease Limited’s use of the Product drifts from the prescribed End Use Policy or the agreed-upon Terms of Understanding. 


5. I acknowledge that:

(a) TransUnion CIBIL did not provide any assurances or claims that impacted my choice to initiate the Product Request or secure any permission or authorisation, and (b) Chinmay Finlease Limited is exclusively accountable for upholding the End Use Policy or the agreed Terms of Understanding.


6. I acknowledge that I might have to give instructions or register my consent electronically. In each of these situations, I am aware that by selecting the "I Accept" button below, I am giving Chinmay Finlease Limited "written instructions" permitting to access my personal credit profile from TransUnion CIBIL, containing my Consumer Credit Information. I also allowed Chinmay Finlease Limited to collect this data to verify my identity and send the Product to me. Furthermore, in each of these situations, by checking this box and selecting the 'Authorize' button, I confirm that TransUnion CIBIL has my permission to access my consumer credit information, acknowledge that I have read the TransUnion CIBIL privacy policy and agree to its terms.

7. By filling out this registration form, I provide Chinmay Finlease Limited with clear written consent to seek and retrieve information about me from external sources, including consumer Credit reports and scores from consumer reporting agencies whenever necessary, as long as my account remains active. I also give Chinmay Finlease Limited permission to keep a copy of my data in compliance with the terms of use and privacy policy stated by Chinmay Finlease Limited.


8. I am aware that the Product is being provided "AS-IS," "AS AVAILABLE," and that TransUnion CIBIL explicitly disclaims all guarantees, including non-infringement, merchantability, and fitness for a particular purpose.


9. I agree not to initiate any legal actions or assert any claims or demands against TransUnion CIBIL, including its officers, directors, employees, Chinmay Finlease Limited’s licensees, affiliates, successors, and assigns, collectively referred to as the "Releasee". I hereby inevitably and entirely release, waive, and forever discharge TransUnion CIBIL from any liabilities, claims, demands, losses, lawsuits, expenses (including court fees and attorney's fees) ("Losses") of any nature, whether currently recognised or unforeseen, that I ever possessed, presently hold, or may hold in the future against the Releasee in connection with the submission of the Product Request and/or my approval for TransUnion CIBIL to disclose information to the Chinmay Finlease Limited. Additionally, I agree to protect, indemnify, and hold the Releasee harmless from any Losses arising from claims made by third parties against TransUnion CIBIL in connection with this agreement.


10. I accept that the laws of India will apply to the conditions of this confirmation letter and that the Ahmedabad courts will have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising from it. TransUnion CIBIL may transfer its rights under this agreement to any other party without my written approval.

11. I acknowledge and agree that the lenders may utilize the alternate contact numbers listed in my CIBIL data in case of inability to be reached on the primary contact number.

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